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Become A Partner

Know how you can become an Indiabulls IVL Finance Partner

The Indiabulls IVL Finance Partner Program

We, at Indiabulls, through all our services and our collective efforts are directed towards fulfilling the aspirations and dreams of millions of our customers. Indiabulls IVL Finance Partner Program is just another step towards fulfillment of those dreams, through our partnership.

The IVL Finance Partner App offers you a platform to assist people in availing a personal loan of up to Rs. 15 lakh and at interest rates as low as 11.99% p.a. anytime and anywhere, with minimal documentation.


How to become a Partner?

To become an Indiabulls IVL Finance Partner, all you need to do is download the IVL Finance Partner app (available on Android) and register yourself on the app. All you need to have to successfully complete your registration process in a seamless way are your Aadhaar details, PAN details and bank account details.

Note: Your mobile number needs to be registered with your Aadhaar number in order to ensure a hassle-free registration process.


What all can you do once you are an Indiabulls IVL Finance Partner?

Once you are an IVL Finance Partner, you can help others in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations by assisting them in availing Indiabulls Dhani personal loans. Using the IVL Finance Partner app, you can create leads, track and manage leads and their statuses, and can also raise payouts (your earnings).


Why become a Partner?

  • No Physical office required, No back office required
  • No employees required
  • No investment required
  • Instant payouts
  • Innovative and user friendly product
  • Attractive earning opportunit
  • Flexible work timings
  • A good brand name
  • Pan-India support


Who can apply?

  • At least 18 years of age



1. Am I eligible to become an Indiabulls IVL Finance Partner?

As per IVL Finance Ltd.’s policy, all resident Indians (including sole proprietorships) are eligible to become IVL Finance Partners.

2. Are there any criteria to become an IVL Finance Partner?

Any individual over the age of 18 years, with a valid Aadhaar & PAN card can register to become a Partner. Please read the detailed terms and conditions on the mobile registration page, before proceeding.

3. What documents/details do I require to sign up?

You will have to keep the following documents handy before you begin with your application process: Aadhaar details, PAN details, Bank details (A/c Number, IFSC Code), GSTIN details (if applicable) and cancelled cheque (if applicable)

4. What is the benefit that I get as an Indiabulls IVL Finance Partner?

As an IVL Finance Partner, you will be entitled to a commission (or pay-out) on the total disbursement value of the loan availed by a customer, who has been sourced by you. The commission paid out to you is subject to change from time to time, as decided by the management of IVL Finance Ltd. For further details on commissions, please refer to the pay-out terms and conditions on the mobile registration page.

5. What if I do not have a registered GST number?

In case you do not have a registered GST number, you will be asked to sign an online consent declaring the same.

6. I do not have a bank account registered in my name. Can I still proceed with my application?

No. It is compulsory to have a bank account registered in your name to complete the registration process.

7. I do not have a PAN card. Can I still become an IVL Finance Partner?

PAN card is mandatory for completing the registration process.

8. Why is a cancelled cheque required?

You will be asked to upload a cancelled cheque only if we are unable to verify your bank details. The cheque is to correctly capture your bank account details in which the commission will be credited.

9. How long does it take for my Partner ID to be activated?

In most cases, when your application is registered online, your IVL Finance Partner ID will be activated instantly. However, in some cases, our team may need to verify your details and the same will be activated within 48 hours.

10. How do I log in to the app?

You can log in using your mobile number and password (MPIN). Your password is shared with you via SMS at the time of registration.

Lead generation

1. How do I check the status of my registration?

Your account will be activated within 48 hours of completing the registration. In case you haven’t received your Indiabulls IVL Finance Partner ID, you can call our customer care to enquire about the same.

2. When can I start creating leads?

You can start creating leads once you have received your IVL Finance Partner ID.

3. I have created a lead, what next?

Once you create a lead, an SMS is sent to that customer with the link to download the Indiabulls Dhani personal loan mobile application. The loan application process has to be completed by the customer on the Indiabulls Dhani Mobile application in his/her mobile phone.

Pay-out Structure

1. When will I get the pay-out for any disbursements I have facilitated?

Pay-out can be credited to your bank account only after the disbursement of the entire loan amount to your customer is successful. Once the disbursement is completed, you need to ‘Initiate the pay-out’ from the ‘My Pay-out’ section of the mobile application. Once you verify the invoice, pay-out will be processed instantly.

2. I have a problem with a pay-out calculated. What do I do?

You can call our customer care for any pay-out related clarifications. The same will be resolved by the Indiabulls IVL Finance Partner team at the earliest.

Customer Applications

1. How do I track the customer application status?

The customer application status is mentioned against every lead that is sourced by you. You can view this information on track application status screen.

2. Why is the lead created by me in a declined stage?

IVL Finance Ltd. reserves the rights to approve or reject a personal loan application. This decision is basis the internal credit policies of IVL Finance Ltd.

3. I’m unable to add a lead. The application says lead already exist.

If a customer has already applied for a personal loan using the Indiabulls Dhani Mobile application, you will not be able to add a new lead for this customer, and will thus not be eligible for any commissions on that particular lead.

4. Can I complete a customer’s application on their behalf?

No. When you create a lead, an SMS with a link to download the Indiabulls Dhani mobile application is sent to the customer’s mobile number. The loan application process has to be then completed by the customer.