Can the purpose of a Personal Loan be changed after availing the loan?

Can the Purpose of Personal Loan Be Changed After Availing the Loan?

A Personal loan is a type of loan which you can use for any kind of purpose. It is an unsecured loan and hence there is no collateral involved. Banks or NBFCs do not ask you for any reason to avail a personal loan. You might want to avail a personal loan for renovating your house, but suddenly you might need the funds for another emergency. You can change the purpose of the loan and use the loan amount as per the situation.

Here we share a few reasons for which you can avail a personal loan.

1. To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

If you have too many credit cards and paying separate bills is a problem, it can be helpful to consolidate all this debt under a single personal loan. Credit cards usually have a higher rate of interest as compared to the interest rates on personal loan. So you can pay off your credit card debts by availing an instant personal loan.

2. To Renovate/Improve your Home

Home Improvements are something which you have to do at some point in time. Your home does need a little bit of revamping once in a while. If you do not want to dip into your savings, then you can take a personal loan to incur the expenses. Turn your home into a comfortable and luxurious living oasis and pay back in easy installments.

3. To Pay for Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can happen anytime. Yes, your insurance coverage can help you navigate through an emergency, but if you still need more funds, or the treatment is not covered in your insurance then you can take a personal medical loan for it.

4. For Big Purchases

Buying a Car, Bike, Home Theatre System etc are all big investments and require a large chunk of disposable money. Whether it is buying them anew or fixing them, you can take a personal loan. You get the required funds which you can later pay off in installments.

5. To Go On a Vacation

Taking is a break is what everybody needs once in a while. But going on a luxurious vacation involves spending a lot of money at one go. You can consider taking a personal loan online and go on your vacation. The personal travel loan can take care of everything from your accommodation, to food, to travel tickets etc.

Availing a personal loan is no more a tedious process. You can now apply for a personal loan online and get money in your account. You can calculate your EMIs beforehand using the personal loan EMI calculator. Your loan approval depends on your payment history, credit score and a lot of other factors. You need to check with your lender what is the eligibility criteria and apply accordingly. A Personal loan can be taken for any kind reason and then later on if another situation arises where you need funds then you can use the loan amount as per your needs.

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