Which Car Should you Buy – Petrol v/s Diesel?

Which Car Should You Buy - Petrol vs Diesel?

The rapidly increasing demand for cars has paved the way for the introduction of multiple variants in the markets. However, the final selection for buyers has streamed down to either petrol cars or diesel cars. Whether you want a diesel car or a petrol car, a car loan assists with the finances during the purchase.

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Availing car loans solve your maximum financial concerns to purchase the right car. One cannot absolutely depend on their savings. While a majority of customers prefer a new car loan to purchase a new car, one can also opt for used car loans to purchase second-hand cars. Before investing in a new car, consider the following factors that will help you decide whether to opt for a petrol or a diesel model.

1. Refinement

The refinement of every car differs from one vehicle to another. If you find the noise vibration and harshness level cringe worthy (NVH), opt for a petrol car. If you think the NVH level is bearable, then purchase a diesel car.

2. Power

When it comes to the power of either of the two cars, both these cars have their power to go for long miles. A petrol car does not inherit pulling power due to its linear power delivery. On the other hand, a diesel car has higher pulling power due to its greater torque figures.

3. Cost

When it comes to the cost of both these types of cars, a petrol car is a feasible solution. Typically, the service costs, as well as the costs of spare parts of a diesel car, are higher. Moreover, the turbo-charges of a diesel car adds up to the maintenance costs of the same.

4. Lifespan

The engines of the diesel car are larger as compared to the petrol car engines. Since diesel engines require high air pressure for the firing purpose, it depreciates faster. The prime reason for the disintegration of a diesel car is excessive heat, friction, and vibration.

Therefore, you can consider investing in a petrol car since its durable.

Once you’ve decided which car is an ideal solution for you, move ahead with the process of applying for a car loan. Consider your needs and budget carefully before making a choice. Indiabulls Dhani provides its customers with new car loans as well as used car loans with fixed car loan interest rates. Hence, take a look below at the procedure of choosing either of the two types of available loans:

The process of applying for new car loans and used car loans:

To receive quick disbursal, an individual must opt for car loans online. Here’s a better look at the process of applying for car loans online with Indiabulls Dhani:

STEP 1: Download the Indiabulls Dhani app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

STEP 2: Login or Sign up to your account on your mobile phone.

STEP 3: Enter the relevant information like your PAN details and address proof details.

STEP 4: Receive approval and disbursal instantly.

To sum up, the debate between petrol cars and diesel cars is never-ending. However, the final selection of purchase lies in your hands. Therefore, make sure you pick these cars based on your preferences. However, select a car loan depending on its interest rates as well as EMI value. For the estimated EMI amount, make use of a car loan EMI calculator.

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