Ways In Which A Used Car Loan Can Make Your Life Easier

Getting a car is one purchase which can shelve out a major chunk from your finances. So you might think of buying a second hand car. A used car in a good condition can cost you around Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 5 Lakhs. Now this is a huge amount of money which will be spent in one go. You would think of spending your savings, but you also have the option of a used car loan. Used car loans have garnered more attention because of their accessibility. They let you manage your finances well and get a car home way faster than a traditional car loan.

Here is how availing a used car loan can make your life easier.

Get Your Car Home Immediately

You do not have to wait for years to save and then finally buy a car. When you take a second hand car loan, you can get your car home immediately.

No Dependency On Your Payday

You can take a used car loan anytime. You do not have to wait for your salary to be credited at the end of the month to buy the car.

Use Your Savings for Other Emergencies/Purposes

When you take a pre-owned car loan, your savings do not get affected. These savings you can use for other purposes such as paying your child’s school or college fees, planning a good family vacation, renovating your home etc. If there is a medical emergency, then your savings equip you with instant funds.

Used Car Loans with Indiabulls Dhani

Indiabulls Dhani assists you at every step of the way when you avail a used car loan. Our used car loans are unsecured personal loans. So we do not ask you to keep your car as a collateral with us till you repay the loan.

Our used car loan interest rate is competitive and do not jumble with your finances. We have simplified the loan availing process. You can visit our website or download our app and apply for the loan digitally. You can avail a used car loan with us for an amount on Rs. 1000 to Rs. 15 Lakhs. There is minimum documentation and the loan approval and disbursal happened in minutes.

You can also take a loan for a higher amount than the cost of the car and incur the additional expenses such as accessories, security additions, insurance etc.

Apply For A Used Car Loan

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