5 Reasons Why Your Next Car Should be an Eco Friendly Car

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From smog hovering around the city to smoke inside our homes, air pollution poses a serious threat to our health and environment. Air pollution has now become a reality that we all have to deal with. A report from WHO states that 9 out of 10 people breathe air that contains high levels of pollutants. It further says that the combined efforts of household and outdoor pollution kills an alarming number of 7 million people worldwide each year. Thus, ignoring the need to adapt to the much-debated climate change is no longer an option. The upcoming threat of climate change is something we cannot ignore, avoid, or underestimate. Climate change is no joke. Nevertheless, we can make an impact on our environment. By just changing a few of our habits, we might be able to protect our Mother Earth. We can choose what car we drive.

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The transport sector is home to one of the largest sources of Greenhouse gases in most countries. Our traditional vehicles contribute primarily to the ever-growing air pollution in our environment. These vehicles emit harmful gases that cause several health problems like cancer, skin issues, respiratory diseases, strokes, etc. Thus, eco-friendly cars are our need for the hour. Opting for an eco-friendly car can be a brilliant and efficient choice. Here’s why:

Needless to say, they are environment-friendly

The much-hated greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emitted by traditional cars get trapped in the atmosphere. We inhale this toxic air. High carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases cause the temperature and sea levels around us to rise immensely. This effects global warming, which in turn results in severe storms, floods, and droughts. A green vehicle releases substantially less toxic particles in the air, as these vehicles emit very low carbon compounds. This reduces the driver’s carbon footprint on our planet.

They consume less gas

Thanks to the inherent nature of how these eco-friendly cars are engineered and designed, drivers of these cars attain much-more gas mileage than the traditional ones. Improves gas mileage means we can travel much further on a single filling of the tank. Additionally, the fuel used is not our conventional gasoline, but a combination of electricity and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) usually.

Saves Money

Owning an electric car or green vehicles helps to save a huge junk of money, which would be otherwise spent on gasoline for traditional non-eco-friendly cars. Further, hybrids have an ‘auto-stop’ feature which shut off the car’s gas engine when the driver stops the vehicle. This saves fuel, which ultimately keeps you more money.

Perks and incentives

A lot of state and local governments around the world have started rewarding the owners of electric car and hybrid cars with free parking, carpool lane access, and/or tax rebates. For instance, in India, during the budget of 2019, it was announced that the government would reduce the GST on electric vehicles from 12% to 5%. Also, the government will provide an additional income tax deduction of Rs 1.5 lakh on the personal loan interest paid on the loans to buy an electric car.

Clearly, eco-friendly cars are more than just a fad. These green vehicles are here to stay. In spite of all the benefits these eco-friendly cars offer to us and the environment, these cars tend to cost a bit more, as they are fairly new. However, this should not stop you from doing your bit to save the planet. A personal loan or a car loan from Indiabulls Dhani can help you with the finances of your new green car. With so many tax rebates from the government of India and constant financial support from Indiabulls Dhani, your next car should definitely be an eco-friendly car.

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