Start Your Dental Health Care with Medical Loans This World Health Day

Start Your Dental Health Care with Medical Loans this World Health Day

A good healthcare plan is one thing which every family strives for. An ideal health plan will be the one which covers all the necessary illnesses and procedures, offer good benefits, coverage amount, inclusions, network of hospitals, etc. In these health insurance plans, one might often miss out on checking if there is any coverage for dental health care. In India, there are not many health insurance providers which offer dental insurance. Many procedures are clubbed under cosmetic treatments and hence are not included in any insurance plan. In such cases, if you have a dental issue and you are not covered for it, arranging funds becomes a task. The cost of dental treatments becomes a hindrance and stops you from visiting qualified dentists for your issues.

There are a few procedures such as routine examinations, dental x-rays, filling of carious teeth, root canal procedures, tooth extractions, dentures, etc which are covered under a health plan. But if there is some big procedure, then paying for it from your own pocket is a challenge. Medical loans can help you pay for it.

As this year’s theme for World Health Day is universal health coverage, we bring a solution to your dental health care coverage. Indiabulls Dhani’s medical loans can help you arrange for the money that you require for your dental procedure. Here’s how medical loans can help cover dental issues if not covered in health insurance.

A medical loan or a health loan is an unsecured personal loan for medical expenses. A medical loan can be used to pay for any kind of treatment at any hospital of your choice. Listed under are the ways in which you can use a medical loan to keep your dental health in check and if needed, pay for consultations and treatments for the same.

  1. Dental consultation fees
  2. Digital X-rays and OPG
  3. Teeth scaling or whitening
  4. Teeth bracing or implantation
  5. Amalgam and composite teeth filling
  6. Treatment for infected tooth nerves
  7. Biopsy of teeth tissue
  8. Drainage of minor oral infections

The list above can help you understand that you can opt for cosmetic dental treatments as well. Here we share the many benefits of Indiabulls Dhani’s medical loan.

  1. There is no need for collateral as the loan is unsecured
  2. You can cover all the major expenses for your treatments
  3. If your health insurance does not cover cashless treatment at the hospital of your choice, then you can arrange for money by availing a medical loan.
  4. A medical loan lets you arrange funds for any kind of medical issue, hence it is useful for dental procedures.
  5. Competitive personal loan interest rate offered
  6. You can avail a medical loan for Rs 1,000 to Rs 15 Lakhs
  7. The complete application process is now digital hence you can apply online for a personal loan or download the mobile app.
  8. This has also made the documentation process easier.
  9. There is instant disbursal as soon as your application gets approved.
  10. You can repay using the EMI option. You can calculate the EMI on personal loan using the EMI calculator.

This World Health Day, avail a medical loan and do not deprive yourself of the quality dental healthcare that you need.

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