How to Plan the Wedding of your Dreams

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Everyone dreams of having a lavish wedding. It is one of the most memorable milestones of one’s life. However, a wedding includes a lot of expenditure. Whether it’s about the bride’s and the groom’s outfit, their jewelry or any other miscellaneous expense, the list just seems to go on. It is very important to calculate the expenses in advance and also start deciding on how you will arrange funds for the same.

Here are a few pointers one must consider to have a fabulous wedding which is affordable at the same time:

1. Plan the auspicious day well in advance. We know how important it is for you to have all your dear ones at your wedding. Figure out on which season is the best to have all of them present and make sure you pre-book. If everything is booked well in advance, it will help you enjoy to the fullest and also keep your budget intact.

2. From your wedding outfits to your jewellery, there’s nothing that can’t be leased from a designer store. Look for options where you can get an exclusive designer wear and alluring jewellery at a reasonable cost. We are sure that you wouldn’t want to miss out on donning an exclusive outfit just because the price was unimaginable.

3. Nobody wants to compromise on their wedding location. It’s going to take you down your memory lane every time you pass by the venue. Ensure you book the venue well in advance to avoid an additional expense.

4. All your relatives and friends are going to talk about the food for years to come. Ensure you pick on scrumptious options and the favourites. It’s better to have fewer options with excellent taste than a widespread buffet.

5. Calculate all the expenses of transportation, décor, staff charges, hosts, and music etc. way before time and start saving up for the same.

Apart from all these tips, getting a personal loan is also an option to meet the financial requirement. There is a personal loan EMI calculator through which you can insert the figures of your loan amount, the personal loan interest rates, and the duration to get the average summary on the EMIs per month so that you can plan before on how you will arrange for it in the future.

The Indiabulls Dhani app is ideal for those who need money urgently. Using this app, personal loans can be availed in just 3 minutes. Its easy 3 step procedure solves your worries in no time!

Happy wedding planning! And if anything arises all of a sudden, you know that you can get a wedding loan too!

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