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In the digital and the app-driven world where you can place an order for instant coffee, instant burger and an instant dosa, why should an instant loan be far behind? With most Indians having a debit card, you now have access to instant cash through ATMs. We live in a world of instant everything and everyone needs instant money. E-wallets have made payment and receipt of instant cash in different corners of India a much welcome reality. In such a scenario, can the availability of instant personal loans be far behind? Anticipating this demand, many banks and NBFCs have come up with e-loans which can be availed online with minimum paperwork and by avoiding unnecessary hassles.

Many of the leading private and public sector banks have innovated their retail banking arms to offer instant online loans to all those who satisfy the basic criteria. Applying for personal loans has never been easier since the last two to three decades. You can apply for a personal loan through phone banking and online banking by simply submitting your KYC documents, your PAN card, Address Proof and your credit score to the bank. There are quite a few organisations which help you assess your creditworthiness and rate you with a CIBIL score. Once you satisfy the banks’ requirements, personal loans are available and will directly be credited to your bank account online within 10 to 30 minutes.

There are many benefits of availing a personal loan through phone banking or net banking. Aadhar linkage has become a boon as KYC documents can now be verified through this procedure. Online approval of loans has cut down on unnecessary paperwork and has made the myriad visits to your local bank redundant. During the manual processing days, availing a personal loan took months if not weeks and often, one did not get the money when he needed it the most. But today, net banking and mobile banking allows you to avail a personal loan in as little as 20 minutes. Service and standard charges are applicable and the amount is credited straight to your account.

Dhani, a ground-breaking app by Indiabulls Ventures, helps people realise their dreams on a priority. Since every dream is important, Indiabulls Dhani relieves you of the worry of financial feasibility. It allows you to spend your time planning what it is you can do once you have the means! A first of its kind mobile application, Indiabulls Dhani, has been designed to make your personal financing needs easier than it ever was before. You do not need to visit a branch or call anyone. Your personal loan application, sanction and subsequent disbursal is almost instantaneous. All you need is an PAN Card and Address Proof which covers for your verification almost instantly. It’s a quick, hassle-free process, and your personal loan is disbursed directly to your bank account in no time.

The Key Benefits of Indiabulls Dhani are:

  • Helps people realise their dreams
  • Don’t have to worry about financial feasibility
  • A first-of-its-kind mobile application
  • Designed to make your personal financing needs easier
  • Do not need to visit a branch or call anyone
  • Your personal loan application, sanction and subsequent disbursal is almost instantaneous with a PAN Card and Address Proof.

Have a look at some key features of Indiabulls Dhani:

  • Industry best interest rates at 11.99% p.a.
  • End-to-end process and subsequent disbursal of personal loan to your bank account instantly.
  • Use of PAN Card and Address Proof for instant approval
  • Apply, receive and manage your personal loan directly on the mobile application

Indiabulls Dhani offers industry best personal loan interest rates. What more? Money is transferred into your account instantly within 3 minutes flat. Further, there is no need to upload documents as it is a completely online and hassle-free way to get a personal loan to fulfil all your financial requirements. You can apply, receive and manage your personal loan directly on our personal loan app. It’s simple, easy, and convenient. Using Dhani, you can now apply, receive and manage your personal loan on-the-go.

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