Take a Holiday Loan and Travel Anywhere You Want

When monotony sets in to your life and you desperately need a break, what is it that you do? Your mind takes you to places where the boredom of tasks or the pressures of deadlines cannot touch you. You transport yourself to the warmth of beaches and pleasantness of the hills, you feel the freshness of forest trails and the luxury of cruise ships. All of this sounds like the stuff of dreams, doesn’t it?

As our affordability increases, so does the thirst to travel more. With digital media aiding the wanderlust within ourselves to visit the most exotic locations possible, the concept of vacations has become far more common. Gone are the days when people waited an entire year to enjoy an annual vacation. People can now choose to take a vacation whenever it is that they want.

Indians are amongst the largest group of tourists across the world. In India itself, tourism is an ever-thriving sector, with people travelling across the country to experience different terrain, cities, etc. With varied geographical and ecological conditions, there is never a shortage of newer places for one to see within the country!

With a growing number of countries inviting Indians to explore tourism options and providing premium vacation experiences, the urge to spend quality time amidst villas in Maldives, or a family vacation in Bhutan and many other places is not an unrealistic dream anymore.

To plan a vacation, you need to have a set budget for everything. From booking your flights to your accommodation to the food you eat, everything needs a budget. This one reason can often stop you from visiting your dream destination. But with the advent of holiday loans, you can now travel to any place you want, without taking any stress of your finances.

A holiday loan or a travel loan is a type of personal loan which you can avail for the vacation that you need. A travel loan covers every expense of your trip. You can also increase the amount of your travel loan and include the charges of your travel insurance. Whether it is a backpacking trip or one with family and friends, taking a holiday loan takes away your stress and lets you enjoy the vacation.

Here’s why you should avail a Holiday Loan from Indiabulls Dhani:

  • You can avail a travel loan on the spot. You can avail this loan online through our website or the mobile app named ‘Instant Personal Loan App – Indiabulls Dhani’.
  • As this is an unsecured loan, you do not need to keep any collateral.
  • The interest rate charged for a holiday loan start at 11.99%.
  • The process to avail a holiday loan is hassle-free with minimal documentation.
  • You can keep a tab on your loan all the time as the information is available on the mobile application or on the website.
  • You can take a travel loan to go to any destination. There is no restriction on the place you want to travel to.
  • There is no compulsion to mention your reason for travel.
  • You can choose a tenure which suits your needs and repay the loan.
  • There are no prepayment charges till Rs. 20,000.

Gone are the days when you had to save loads of money to tick off destinations from your bucket list. A holiday loan is a very convenient option and lets you visit all the places in your bucket list.

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