4 Benefits of Two Wheeler Loans You Should Know About

Loans are not considered stressful anymore. With loans being more accessible and easy to avail, many individuals are opting to take loans to finance some big purchases in their lives. Of which, one is buying a two wheeler. A major part of your daily life goes into commuting through the gnarly public transport. From those crowded buses to stuffy trains, it is a hustle till you reach your home or office.

You can solve this issue by purchasing a two wheeler. A two wheeler is a chosen mode of transport for many. You can manoeuvre it easily and reach your destination much faster. It has a better resale value and comes with low maintenance. You can avail an online bike loan easily if the bike you want to buy does not fit your budget. Here are some advantages of availing a two wheeler loan.

1. Freedom to Buy Any Kind of Two Wheeler

When you decide to take a two wheeler loan, it gives you the freedom to choose any kind of bike or scooter. Many banks and NBFCs cover almost 90% of the two wheeler cost and the rest 10% is the taken as a down payment from you. At Indiabulls Dhani, we offer an instant personal loan online for two wheelers which can cover the entire cost as well as any extra charges for your bike insurance as well. This way you can get your dream bike home sooner.

2. Use your Savings for Other Important Expenses

If you have saved a lot of money, then rather than spending it on a purchase which can be financed by taking a loan, you can use your savings for other purposes. It could be financing your child’s education, any upcoming festival expenses or planning that perfect vacation with your family.

3. Helps Improve your CIBIL Score

The cost of a two wheeler is less than a bigger purchase like a home or a car. It is absolutely possible to repay the loan without any glitches. When you pay your personal loan EMIs on time it can help improve your CIBIL Score. These improved scores will help you in the future when you need a loan for a higher amount. You can calculate the EMIs you have to pay using the bike loan EMI calculator which is easily available online on any lender’s website.

4. Competitive Interest Rates

Two wheeler loan interest rates are feasible given the high demand in the market. As many people are turning towards taking an online bike loan, the interest rates have become affordable, for both the lenders as well as the borrowers.

At Indiabulls Dhani, we make your life easier by providing quick service with our online two wheeler loan. Our two wheeler loans require minimal documentation and are a convenient option if you want instant money for the bike. The process is speedy and we provide approval on the spot. We disburse the money directly to your bank account in minutes.

We do not hypothecate your two wheeler. You have the complete ownership of the vehicle and can call it your own even if you have taken a loan for it. Avail a two wheeler loan and swiftly get your two wheeler home.

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