6 Reasons to Take Personal Loan for Marriage

6 Reasons to Take Personal Loan for Marriage

Indian weddings are all about grand venues, lively parties, delicious food, extravagant clothes, jewelry and what not! The grander it is, the better. It is a once in a lifetime experience and everybody wants it to be a perfect and memorable one. Managing a wedding however requires proper planning. You need to set a budget for everything and sometimes there might be sudden expenses where you would be in need of more funds. To be prepared for such scenarios you can consider taking an instant personal loan for your marriage. As the name suggests, an instant personal loan can be availed on the spot with minimal documentation.

Here we share a few reasons for which you can take a personal loan for marriage.

1. Get Instant Funds for The Wedding

Getting urgent funds for your wedding becomes easier as you can apply for a personal loan online itself. Indiabulls Dhani has a swift process for loan approval. Hence you can get the money disbursed into your account within minutes of your application being approved.

2. Manage Any Unpredictable Wedding Related Expense

Once you have the funds you can use it for any immediate expense such as paying the price for booking the venue or the caterer, or for buying jewelry. A Personal loan can help you with any wedding-related expense. Even if an unpredictable expense comes your way, you have the ability to pay for it anytime.

3. Calculate the EMIs and Set the Amount

Personal loan EMI calculators are available online to help you with the calculation of your EMIs. This calculator is a handy tool and gives you an estimate of your EMIs on the spot. This can help you decide the loan amount and not waste time on deciding it.

4. Get the Flexibility to Choose a Tenure as per Your Repayment Capacity

You can get a personal loan instantly, but there is no pressure to repay in a short time. You can set a tenure as per your repayment capacity. This helps you enjoy the wedding and not be stressed out about finances on your big day.

5. No Need to Pledge Any Collateral

Whenever there is a need to avail a loan, the first thing which can cross your mind is you what will you pledge as collateral. A personal loan does not require any collateral as it is an unsecured loan. This makes the processing of the loan much faster as there no asset involved to pledge as collateral.

6. No Need to Spend All Your Savings

An average Indian family starts saving for a wedding, years before the occasion itself. These savings can be used for any other kind of an emergency. This saves you from liquidating any of your investments or savings. Hence, taking a personal loan for marriage may seem like a plausible option.

Online personal loans have made the process to apply for a swift and hassle-free wedding loan. With minimal documentation and instant disbursal, getting those much-needed funds for your wedding can help you organize your wedding smoothly.

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