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Dhani Club

'Refer and Earn' Program

Welcome to Dhani Club!

Dhani Club is an Exclusive Club that offers new and exciting benefits to its loyal and existing customers.

All existing Dhani customers whose loans have been disbursed and who have been paying their EMI on timely basis are eligible to make the most of the Dhani Club advantage.

As a Dhani Club member, you get access to a whole lot of offers and benefits ranging from gift vouchers to concessions on varying products and offerings and so on. In your happiness lies our happiness and we are continuously striving to get bigger and greater deals, for you with every passing day.

Refer & Earn Program

This is a flagship program of the Dhani Club which rewards customers who refer friends & family to avail a loan from Dhani. Using the Dhani App you can now assist people in getting an instant personal loan from Dhani and at the same time can get rewarded for the same.

How it works?

Once you avail disbursement of your Dhani loan, you automatically qualify to enjoy the Dhani Club ‘Refer & Earn Program’ Advantage. The process is simple! All you have to do is refer your friends and family to avail a personal loan from Dhani by sharing your referral code via SMS or WhatsApp.

Once they avail disbursement of their loan, you will receive the Gift Vouchers on your registered email ID. It’s this quick and easy.

Watch here how Dhani Club works

Here’s how you can start referring:

  • STEP I – Log in to your Dhani App

  • STEP II – Click the menu button on the top left corner

  • STEP III – Tap on ‘Refer and Earn’

  • STEP IV – Your code will be displayed on the screen. Share this with friends and family and start earning!

The more you Refer, the more you Earn!

Note: Dhani Club program is available only for non-delinquent customers who have never defaulted in repayment of their loan. Any customer who has defaulted in loan repayment during the course of his loan journey would be automatically disqualified for claiming any benefits available under Dhani Club program.