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Dhani Instant Credit Line

Buy Now, Pay Later with DHANI CREDIT LINE

Indiabulls Dhani Credit Line

Indiabulls Dhani brings to you a new finance product to aid your lifestyles by enabling you to fulfill your purchasing needs while keeping your wallets full! Dhani Credit Line is an online credit line that you can avail of on the Indiabulls Dhani App. Use this credit line to pay for anything and everything, be it your daily cup of coffee or that trending mobile phone everyone is talking about! Not only that, you only “Pay as You Use” for the amount that you have used.

What is a Credit Line?

A Credit Line or a Line of Credit is a predefined limit of a currency which can be borrowed and used at any time required. This limit is based on multiple factors and the user can consider it as an increased credit card limit without adding on the charges. A Line of credit with Indiabulls Dhani is very similar to a credit without the high charges. At Indiabulls Dhani, you can avail a personal loan or a credit line. The difference between them being that when availing a loan you receive an instant lump sum of your loan amount while the line of credit enables you to access and borrow a specified amount only when you need it.

Features & Benefits of Indiabulls Dhani Credit Line

You can use the Indiabulls Dhani app to avail the Credit Line and take benefits of its exclusive features and benefits mentioned below:

  1. Free and Instant setup of Credit Line for existing Indiabulls Dhani customers
  2. Available 24×7 for you to “Buy Now and Pay Later”
  3. Only pay back what you use in easy installments
  4. Only Pay Nominal Processing while setting up your Credit Line
  5. Use is as a savior for end of month cash crunch

Your Dhani Pay Platinum Rupay card comes with an added benefit for you! Get Free Insurance Cover of ₹ 2 Lakhs powered by Tata AIG General Insurance (Accidental Death or permanent total disablement only). Activate the insurance cover by completing atleast 1 successful RuPay card transaction at POS/e-commerce, both intra & inter-bank. Insurance cover must be activated atleast 45 days prior to request for cover.

Not just that, you can also avail a RuPay Card along with your approved Credit Line. When your line of credit gets approved, you get an instant virtual RuPay card or you can order for a physical card which will be delivered to you within two days. You can use this card to avail offers and deals while making payments, through your approved credit line, at online or offline merchants, enabling you to purchase now and pay later for any transaction carried out. Use this RuPay Card across 30 lakh+ merchants, both online or offline across, and avail added RuPay benefits as well.

How to Apply for a Credit Line

Applying for a Credit Line is instant, hassle free and free of cost. Below are the steps to apply for a credit line with Indiabulls Dhani:

  1. Step 1: Download the Indiabulls Dhani app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Step 2: Register yourself with us by providing your mobile number and verify with the OTP sent to you.
  3. Step 3: Enter your details such a PAN Card number, address proof and income related details
  4. Step 4: Complete KYC for credit line approval and activate RuPay Card
  5. Step 5: If you have successfully completed steps 1 to 4, then your credit line will be approved and ready to use.

Why Choose Indiabulls Dhani Credit Line?

With Indiabulls Dhani, you can set up a credit line instantly and without any hassles at zero costs. We enable you to Buy Now and Pay later for any item you purchase with the help of our instant line of credit. Not only this, you pay back later for only the amount that you have used from the line of credit. The Dhani Credit Line will not only help you to avail extra funds when required, but they also come with the leisure of repaying the borrowed money later. Through the Indiabulls Dhani App, you can keep track of your spends and manage the usage of your credit line and RuPay card effortlessly.