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 Indiabulls Dhani Get a personal loan instantly with Indiabulls Dhani, a quick, easy and convenient mobile application which disburses loan amount in your bank account directly, starting at 12% p.a.

Medical Personal Loan

Take care of your and your family’s health without a worry about finances!

Medical Personal Loan

Life is unpredictable and can bring with it some unforeseen medical emergencies. Between savings and medical insurances, many of us may find ourselves adequately equipped to face such troubles, but as it is with anything unpredictable, there is always a risk!

In such situations having to worry about managing finances, when one should be focusing on managing their or their loved ones’ health, can be extremely stressful. At Indiabulls Dhani, we have you covered!

Ensuring that you receive your money in the fastest and most hassle-free manner possible is important to us. Just use Indiabulls Dhani and let money be the least of your problems in such situations!

Medical Personal loan features

Disbursal in your bank account in 3 minutes
Completely online process
Industry best rates
No hidden charges

Eligibility for Medical Loan

An Aadhar card is the only requirement for both salaried professional and self-employed entrepreneurs.

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