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Dhani - Micro

Terms and Conditions

These terms are applicable for availing credit from Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited (“IBCFL”) into the prepaid account owned and operated by Transerv Private Limited under the brand name, Dhani Pay (“Dhani Pay Account”). By agreeing to avail the credit in Dhani Pay Account, you signify your acceptance to below noted terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use the credit and Dhani Pay. –

  • 1. You hereby agree, acknowledge and understand that credit by IBCFL only into your Dhani Pay Account, is a refundable amount to be paid back on the due date, as communicated to you from time to time and / or as displayed on the mobile app screen;
  • 2. You hereby agree and understand that for the purpose of utilising the credit seamlessly and on a real-time basis, you are required to set-up your Dhani Pay Account within 30 (thirty) days of receiving credit from IBCFL. In the event you are unable to set-up the Dhani Pay Account then the credit so received from IBCFL will expire.
  • 3. You hereby agree, acknowledge and understand that if the aforesaid credit availed by you is not paid then IBCFL shall be entitled to initiate against you all remedies (including reporting to credit bureaus) available at its disposal;
  • 4. You further agree and acknowledge that in case of non-payment of the credit availed, processing of your new loan application will be stalled, and you will not be allowed to make any new loan application with IBCFL;
  • 5. You further agree and acknowledge that by accepting the credit in your Dhani Pay, which is on a refundable basis, and if you do not make the repayment of the credit through repayment options provided on the mobile app or website, then you hereby consent and authorise the unpaid credit amount to be debited from your Dhani Pay Wallet or your bank account registered with IBCFL through Electronic National Automated Clearing House(e-NACH), and be credited to IBCFL; and
  • 6. IBCFL will not be held in any manner responsible for the functioning of the Dhani Pay Account, Dhani Pay mobile application and other facilities associated with it. Once the money is credited in your Dhani Pay Account, TranServ Private Limited will be responsible for all aspects related to the functioning of the Dhani Pay.